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I’ve written about health from various angles. My health journey has been a rather interesting experience. I had no idea how health worked when my health crashed and now I am helping people that went to school for this for a long time.

I’m sharing information in my free time and have not had a chance to organize it into the standard well marketed products we’re most of us are used to. You may need to invest some time into following my journey into order to maximize the success I’m sharing with you.





Nutritional Balancing and Natural Detox

Random Videos

This is a playlist of random videos from my old channel.. where I upload random stuff

Theory videos

I’ve noticed a few things that I’d like to share with others.

I share this stuff for the purpose of helping others make up their own mind about what might be going on. I do not share this in an attempt to ruffle feathers or share “misinformation”.

If you’ve followed much of my content, you may have noticed I understand a thing or five. I only get into these other topics to help pull everything together and break things down.

If we do not realize what we’re up against, we cannot maximize our wellness journey.

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